Ethics Commission

Ethics Commission
Purpose:  To establish procedures and policies for advisory opinions and for the processing of complaints; to make appropriate determinations regarding complaints filed by any person alleging violations of this ordinance;  and generally relating to the regulation, control and subject matter of conflicts of interest, financial disclosure, lobby disclosure and ethical conduct on the part of Somerset County Officials, Employees and Appointees.  The members of the Commission shall serve for a term of four years, which shall coincide with the term of the County Commissioners.


William Benson                            Appointed – October 20, 2015
William McInturff                     Appointed – March, 2019
Ernest Satchell                            Re-appointed – December 30, 2014
Joe Howard                                  Appointed – December 30, 2014
Elmer Barkley                             Appointed – January 27, 2015


Somerset County Office Complex
Room #111
11916 Somerset Ave.
Princess Anne, Md. 21853
Phone: 410.651.0320
Fax: 410.651.0366