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Somerset County Sheriff's Office
 7920 Crisfield Hwy.
Westover, Md. 21871
Phone: 410.651.9225
Fax: 410.651.1142
Email: Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Ronnie Howard

Somerset County Highway Safety
Westover, Md. 21871
Phone: 410.651.3882
Fax: 410.651.1142
Email: Highway Safety


There will be a statewide telephone and web-based survey, open to the public, July 1st through August 12th. The
survey was developed by the Maryland Highway Safety Office and the University of Maryland. The information is
used to assess Somerset County resident’s driving attitudes and behaviors and to collect crash and seatbelt data.

Maryland respondents last year show: 

  • 55.5% said drunk driving was a critical traffic problem
  • 62.7% listed speed as a critical traffic problem
  • 73% of respondents said they used a cell phone while driving
  • 53.7% felt driving while using a cell phone was a critical problem
  • 87.5% felt there should be extra penalties for drivers with BAC of .15
  • 91.3% always wear a seatbelt

One of Somerset County’s 2008 highest ranked concerns was underage drinking. The 2008 behavioral section
revealed Somerset residents are driving at least 10 MPH over the posted limit and many have close calls / near miss

Somerset County Highway Safety is asking Somerset County drivers to participate in this driving safety
survey. This is an anonymous web-based survey used to monitor the future of Maryland’s traffic safety.
Go to and select your county. There are 18 multiple choice questions.
The results will be analyzed and released to help define the needs of Somerset County as well as the state of Maryland.