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City of Crisfield issues Boil Advisory November 13, 2019 until further notice.

Boil Water Advisory for

City of Crisfield, Maryland

 November 13, 2019

Public Water System ID #MD0190001


 The City of Crisfield announces a precautionary drinking water advisory to residents of all areas inside the city limits of Crisfield and all areas outside of town served by City water.  We have experienced a major water line break but as of midnight, water service has been restored to all areas served by the City.  A boil-water advisory is issued to consumers in the affected area because loss of water pressure increases the risk of contamination in a water distribution system.  As water service is restored, consumers are advised not to drink the water without boiling first. The water may be used for bathing and washing. Residents should bring water that will be used for drinking, food preparation, making ice or brushing teeth to a rolling boil for at least one (1) minute. After boiling, remember to allow water to cool before use.  This advisory is a precautionary measure and will be lifted after water service is fully restored and testing confirms the absence of bacterial contamination.  This boil advisory may be in effect several days but we expect it to last only a day or so.  Thank you for your patience. If water is discolored, run water from a tap in the lowest part of the house until water looks clear. 

For more information, call Crisfield City Hall at 410.968.1333 or the Maryland Department of the Environment at (410) 537-3706.

There will be at least two planned water outages in the next few weeks.  These water outages are due to the water line on Crisfield Highway being relocated to accomodate the drainage system construction for the new Bike Path.  We will seek to inform each customer at least 24 hours prior to outage by placing door knob hangers at each custmers' residence or facility.  The outages will be 4-6 hours in duration.  We will flush the lines as we put the water line back in service to minimize any degradation of water quality.  The customer may see some discoloration or whiteness in your water.  This occurs because the changing flows in the water pipe create a scrubbing action in the pipe which may disturb any coating that may be on the inner lining of the pipe.  The whiteness is formed when air gets into the water line when the line is cut.  Any discoloration should pass within 24 hours after the water service is restored.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience these outage may cause and will work to minimize the duration of all outages.
If you have any questions please contact Earl Ludy 410-651-0268.

The Somerset County Sanitary District has received reports of illegal dumping by a Domestic Septage Hauler in the Town of Princess Anne and Somerset County. These reports include the dumping of Septage Waste into the sewers of the Town of Princess Anne, dumping Septage Waste into a floor drain in a maintenance shop and the dumping of Septage Waste into a ditch.

All of the above noted actions are illegal and punishable with fines and/or jail.  The dumping of Septage Waste into manholes in the Town of Princess Anne or into drains connected to the Town of Princess Anne Sewer is prohibited by Sewer Use Ordinance Amendment # 3 for the Use of Sewers Owned and/or Operated by the Somerset County Sanitary District. This Ordinance applies to the use of the sewer in Fairmount and the areas surrounding the City of Crisfield. The City of Crisfield has a Sewer Use Ordinance that also prohibits the dumping of Septage Waste into their Sewer System.  The dumping of Septage Waste into a ditch or on the ground is prohibited by State of Maryland Environmental Laws.  If observed, the illegal disposal should be reported immediately to the Somerset County Sanitary District at 410-651-3831 or after hours at 410-726-2794, to the Somerset County Health Department at 443-523-1730 or the Maryland Department of the Environment at 1-866-633-4686. Please include in your report the Date and Time, the Location and Hauler committing the offense.



Thursday, November 14, 2019 – 1:00 p.m.

Somerset County Office Complex, Room 111
11916 Somerset Avenue
Princess Anne, MD   21853

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The Somerset County Sanitary Commission holds meetings at the Somerset County Office Complex (Rm.111), typically on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 1p.m. Refer to 2019 meeting schedule or 2020 meeting schedule (subject to changes), you can also view the current meeting Agenda.  

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Somerset County Office Complex

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