Frequently Asked Questions

Sanitary District

What are your office hours?

Where are you located?

How often do you send out water and sewer bills?

When is my water and sewer bill due?

Please explain what the codes WA, SW, MC, RS, DS and XR mean on my bill?

What is an "EDU" Debt Service bill?

How often do you send out the EDU Debt Service bills?

When is my EDU Debt Service bill due?

Do I still have a Front Footage bill?

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Is there a charge to use my Credit Card?

Can I call in and pay by phone?

Do you store my Credit Card Information?

What do I do if I have a leak?

How do I know if a property is serviced water and/or sewer?

I can't afford to pay my entire bill by the due date. Can I pay installments?

Can I give my payment to one of your staff or service employees?

If I am going to rent my house, can I have the bill sent to my tenant?